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Fight for Affordable Premiums

As your Insurance Commissioner, Janice’s first priory is to address the auto insurance rate crisis Georgians are facing.  For the past decade, Georgia’s auto insurance rates have skyrocketed out of control. Insurance companies are making a killing while hardworking Georgians struggle to make ends meet. That is a Problem! Janice will use the powers of her office to challenge Insurance Companies and press lawmakers to cap rate increases and stop predatory underwriting practices. I believe every Georgian deserve affordable auto insurance regardless of their zip code or credit score.

Hold Insurance Companies Accountable

Our seniors, veterans, and other at-risk families experience, fraud, delayed claim payments, and other predatory insurance practices every day. As your next Insurance Commissioner, Janice will investigate predatory practices of Insurance Companies and those who seek to defraud our communities.  Janice will hold accountable and protect Georgia families from those who break the rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and the law.


Ensure Safety

As your Insurance Commissioner, Janice will collaborate with our school systems, firefighters, local Insurance Agents, and other community stakeholders to provide insurance and fire safety education to students and families. Janice will also ensure that fire safety codes for new buildings are enforced and elevators inspections are up to date.  In addition, to fire and building safety, Janice will propose alliance strategies with the Georgia DOT, DDS, and Driver safety organizations to reduce accidents and protect our families on  Georgia highways


Educate and Empower

Janice will establish a communication framework between the Department of Insurance and the communities we serve in urban, suburban, and rural Georgia. This framework would include regional offices for local support as well as technological advances to meet the changing needs of consumers and modernize the Insurance Dept. Janice will also conduct town halls and educational events to keep Georgians updated and changes that affect their insurance and peace of mind.


Your Family Is Her Fight!

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