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Putting Her Experience To Work


Janice Laws Robinson is an award-winning insurance professional with more than 20 years' experience, published author and visionary leader. Janice is married to her husband, Curtis Robinson, and is a devoted mother of two magnificent daughters. Her eldest daughter, Shannel, is now in the U.S. Navy.

Janice was born in Jamaica and migrated as a teenager to the United States with her family to follow the American Dream. She lived in New York City for seven years and later moved into the great state of Georgia. She went to Monroe College in New York and studied business administration at the Shorter University College of Adult, and Professional Studies. She has also studied a number of professional and leadership methodologies throughout the United States. Owner of J. Law & Associates, a small, specialized insurance firm, Janice holds professional licenses for Georgia's Property & Casualty Insurance, as well as personal and health insurance.

Janice has received numerous awards for her exceptional service, including the Pursuit of Excellence, Pacesetter, and Nationwide Life Insurance Awards. She was ranked among the 10 best agents for life insurance and among the 25 best agents for car and home insurance. Janice is admired among her peers for continuing to be a bold and unstoppable leader.

Even though Janice’s career as an Insurance Professional has been rewarding, during her tenure, she has also seen just how difficult it is for hard-working Georgians to progress when the odds are stacked against them.

She watched her clients fight to pay the skyrocketing auto insurance rates month after month. She has seen them be unfairly denied coverage -- and seen them experience discriminatory practices.


As someone committed to making a difference for others and to a world that works for everyone, Janice can no longer sit back and watch Georgian insurance consumers suffer. She's done what she can as an agent. Now it's time to do the work that makes a difference in the long run by being the voice of insurance consumers in Georgia.

Janice ran for insurance Commissioner in 2018 and was the Democratic Nominee. Over 1.8 million Georgian citizens voted for her in the general election. With this vote of confidence, Janice is running again in 2022 to fulfill her commitment to Georgian families to be their Insurance Commissioner.

​As an immigrant and entrepreneur, Janice knows what it's like to work hard for an idea, and even harder for a dream.


Janice listens to what matters to her clients, and she listens to what truly matters to all Georgians. She knows that changing predatory practices and developing insurance reform does not happen overnight -- and she is committed to launching that process.


Janice is ready for the commitment and accepts the challenge to be Georgia's Insurance Commissioner.

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